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What We Do

Welcome to the BNG Network Group, your premier destination for business growth and success. Our extensive services include generating referrals, leads, and exposure for your business.

At BNG, we recognize the power of networking and the importance of strong connections in unlocking new opportunities. Whether in person or virtually, our weekly meetings bring together like-minded individuals and companies from various locations, fostering a diverse community.

In addition to our regular meetings, we are know for our famous  happy hour networking mixers and community-driven events. These gatherings are excellent opportunities to expand your network, forge relationships, and gain exposure in the business community.

We have expanded our offerings to include Digital Marketing Coaching and Mindset Coaching. Partnering with Grant Cardone's 10X Business Coaches, we provide exclusive coaching, accountability calls, role play calls, and group coaching, leveraging proven strategies to elevate your business.

BNG Network Group goes beyond traditional networking. Our tailored sales seminars are designed for companies seeking 10X growth, setting us apart as a valuable resource for ambitious entrepreneurs.

Collaborations with other networking groups and companies enhance our reach, providing clients with greater exposure, connections, and tools to thrive. Join our events to experience unparalleled opportunities for growth. Whether expanding your network, generating leads, receiving expert coaching, or collaborating with like-minded professionals, BNG is your guide to success. Partner with us today and witness your business flourish.

Team Work

Leverage off each others strengths, networks and talents.

100% Philosophy

Make No Excuses, Go All In, Leave No Fuel in the Tank


Being Healthy is Part of Being Successful.


Earn Royalties or Referral Fees for recommending Business Professionals to the Group


A percentage of the referral program profits will be donated to nonprofits and charities.


We Understand you can have Fun Meeting New people and Make money doing it.


Prayer, Faith, Mindset, Loving Bliss. It's part of being a business professional.