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About Us

The BNG Network Group was founded by Mr. Robert Duran. He is no stranger to networking and has been a part of many successful networking groups in and around the Austin area. He has given endless referrals and leads to ex fellow members and has held leadership roles that have contributed to the success of the groups. 

During those years, he noticed flaws and principles that where missing in these groups. These flaws were affecting the groups' growth and good people were leaving because of it. He also saw hardworking members, although successful in the group, were missing other qualities in their daily lives that would affect their networking effectiveness.

After years of observing, he took matters in his own hands and developed The BNG Network Group. The group is focused on business owners and individuals who understand the power of a team. We understand you could be successful on your own but never be as successful as with a team. Our group not only understands the power of leveraging off each other but also follows other principles. These 7 Key Principles are what make the BNG so unique and dynamic. We truly believe that if you focus on the 7 Key Principles  and surround yourself with other individuals that believe in the same thing, you can dominate everything in your life. 

We are distributing the way people network and provide more than just referrals. I personally invite you to come see what we are all about.